After Telegram installation, you will search for a particular bot, called BotFather, which acts as a "host" for creation of new bots. The creation of a new bot, as well as all other Telegram functions, is free of charge.
With the command /newbot, after a handful of easy passages, we can give our bot a name and get an unique key (the token) giving access to the newborn bot .

The next step , always within Telegram, is looking for another bot, Troadbot. This bot, peculiar for the platform Telegram Road,  will ask us the name to be given to our new bot (better the same of Telegram) and the token which BotFather assigned to it. (Best idea is to copy/paste).

After registering the new  bot, we are given the possibility to run a form-based application where we will be able to input the graph drawn in step 1, working in the so called backstage of Telegram Road.