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Telegram Road is a platform for the development of chatbots, i.e. interactive applications in which the user chats with a server (a bot) through a messaging application, usually on a smartphone. The messaging application is Telegram, a wide-spread app available on many platforms.

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First of all you need paper and pencil. On a sheet, you can sketch the questions, drawn as boxes (or "balls") which are connected through arcs , representing answers, and leading to other boxes.

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The next step is translating it on a bot on Telegram. You need to have Telegram on your own mobile device, or on your PC (desktop). In either case, the address to visit is :http://telegram.org/dl

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After Telegram installation, you will search for a particular bot, called BotFather, which acts as a "host" for creation of new bots. The creation of a new bot, as well as all other Telegram functions, is free of charge.

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At this point the App is ready to be released on a desktop or tablet platform (via web), and possibly undergo a debug phase. For instance, this is how our chatbot questions set might be available to the manager

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I can't understand the difference between Telegram and Telegram Road

Telegram Road offers the user applications (chatbots) which are perceived by the user as Telegram bots.  Telegram  is actually the only thing to be installed on the telephone (or computer). That's a cornerstone of the Telegram Road approach, opposite to the spread  of dedicated apps, which lead to clogging of smartphones due to their hunger of hardware resources.
On the Telegram Road service, chatbots run on the Telegram Road server, but are seen by the end user through Telegram, running on his/her own smartphone or desktop, with no difference.

What is Telegram Road for?

Telegram Road offers companies, agencies or associations the possibility to automate the interaction with their customers/users, leveraging a well-known technology  (messaging on a   smartphone) and leaving great freedom in the building of their own application (the "app").

What kind of applications fit Telegram Road?

All applications reflecting a cascading of question/answers, even  complex. These are typically static applications, whose structure  (the graph) does not change, but the variable part is the way the end user can cross the graph. Typical applications can be:
• skill tests
• surveys
• troubleshooting to support diagnostic on devices, appliances , machines, ...
and much more.

Another class of applications suitable to Telegram Road implementation are dynamic applications, for which the behaviour depends on data which are specific for the running user/session.
Examples of dynamic applications might be:
• databases
• agendas
• "decision support systems" , expert systems based on user's experience
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User Guide : Introduction to Telegram Road features, from end user perspective (ENG)  : UserGuide.pdf

Manager Manual : Management instructions (techie) (ENG) : register

Guida Utente - Introduzione a Telegram Road, dal lato utente (ITA) : GuidaUtente.pdf

Manuale di Amministrazione - Istruzioni di amministratore (tecnico) (ITA) : registrati

Telegram channel : The official Telegram Road channel :  https://t.me/troadchannel

Telegram Group : The Telegram Group  to share all about Telegram Road :  https://t.me/troadgroup


  1. Comesifa     – Presentazione (ITA) comesifa_1.pdf

  2. Comesifa     –  Navigazione  (ITA)    comesifa_2.pdf

  3. Comesifa     –  Espansione  (ITA) comesifa_3.pdf

  4. Telegram     Road – La famiglia dei bot  (ITA)TelegramRoad_4.pdf

  5. Telegram     Road – Creazione di un bot  (ITA) TelegramRoad_5.pdf

  6. Telegram     Poll – I sondaggi con Telegram Road  (ITA)  Poll_6.pdf

  7. Telegram     Park – Parcheggiare con Telegram Road  (ITA) Park_7.pdf

  8.  Telegram Cine - gestione   di una biglietteria  (ITA) Cine_8.pdf

  9.  Telegram Tour – Una  passeggiata con Telegram Road  (ITA) Tour_9.pdf

  10. Telegram Pay - Pagare con Telegram (ITA) Pay_10.pdf

  11. Telegram Store - Come riordinare un magazzino (ITA)   Store_11.pdf

  12. Costruiamo un bot (tecnico, ITA, .pptx)  : registrati

  13. Let's build a bot (techie, ITA, .pptx) register